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Welcome to CompoundLabs, NZ's largest compounding pharmacy. We produce a variety of high quality prescription and non-prescription medication for a wide range of health and wellness needs.

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Wholeheartedly Recommend

Over the years that I have dealt with CompoundLabs, they have provided an individualised designer style pharmaceutical service to my patients requiring pain or hormonal medication. This has been particularly valuable when those patients are intolerant to the alternative proprietary items or suitable medication is unavailable. We have so few effective oral and topical analgesic medications, that we have to be inventive at times. I wholeheartedly recommend CompoundLabs' services and look forward to continuing our partnership.

The Highest Quality

I have been a customer of CompoundLabs for the last sixteen years. Over the years I have found their compounding products to be of the highest quality! Their customer service is always friendly and helpful! The professional services I receive gives me peace of mind.

Worked With For 20 Years

Working with CompoundLabs pharmacy for specialised compounded medicines over the past 20 years has been a good experience. the staff are friendly, and work together to provide an efficient service to patients for their needs.

Amazing Team

I think you guys are an amazing team, easy to deal with and very prompt in responding to emails.

Appreciate and Trust

I am delighted to share my experience with CompoundLabs, a personalised pharmaceutical compounding laboratory in Auckland. I worked as a Healthcare Assistant at Kumeu Village Medical Centre. We have been using CompoundLabs for the last 8 years or more. I work with Dr William Ferguson in the ordering of many medications and supplements. I have always found the team at CompoundLabs very helpful with my many enquiries, and appreciate and trust their expertise and dedication in formulating customised medications tailored to our patient's unique health needs. I wholeheartedly recommend CompoundLabs to anyone seeking excellent pharmaceutical compounding services in New Zealand.

Instrumental In Our Success

CompoundLabs has been instrumental in our clinical trial success, providing exceptional service, expertise, and efficiency. Their deep understanding of pharmaceutical aspects has greatly benefited our trial. I confidently recommend CompoundLabs to anyone in need of reliable support for their clinical trials.

Helped Us Problem Solve

We began working with CompoundLabs through a complicated regulatory process involving a controlled substance. The team at CompoundLabs helped talk through all the requirements thoroughly, helped us problem solve, and provided the flexibility needed to bring the drug to our trial. It ended up being a seamless process. We have and definitely would work with CompoundLabs again.

Played A Pivotal Role

CompoundLabs played a pivotal role in facilitating our randomised controlled trial evaluating topical analgesia following surgery. Furthermore, the team demonstrated a remarkable ability to deliver results in a timely manner. CompoundLabs' product proved invaluable in ensuring the trial's scientific rigour, adhering to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.