Compounded Veterinary Preparations

Our skills are not just limited to our human loved ones. We can also assist you with compounding for animals - big or small.

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Challenges in Veterinary Medicine

One of the biggest challenges in animal medication therapy is the fact that most drug products are manufactured with the intended use for humans, not animals. We can compound medication suitable to be administered to the animal needing customised therapy, for both pets and livestock.

Some of the commpon concerns for compounding animals that we can address are:


Dosing commerical medications for animals can be quite challenging, especially if small amounts are desired or the dose required is not easily manipulated from the strength/concentration available commercially.

This is especially concerning with drugs associated with a narrow therapeutic index, and the risks of 'rounding up' can be problematic for animals. We can compound medication in the appropriate strength to mimise the risk of adverse effects from an accidental overdose.

Dosage Form

We offer a wide variety of dosing formats, which can be customised to both the species being treated and the individual animal's habits. Examples of commonly prescribed dose forms include:

Oral Pastes

Topical or transdermal preparations

Oral liquids


Powders (to be mixed with food)

Chewable treats

We also ensure appropriate animal compatibility for ingredients to avoid toxicity issues.


Animal taste preferences vary both between species and even between individual animals of the same species. Our compounding allows for flavours to be altered to what best suits the animal, which will lead to increased compliance and ease of administration by the owner.

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