Tired Of Trying To Give Medication To An Increasingly Distressed Pet?

Giving pets and other animals medication is seldom easy!

  • Many people crush pills and mix them into food
  • However, most animals - especially cats, dogs, pigs and horses - have a strong sense of smell. They can detect even tiny amounts of medication in their treats and food
  • Animals avoiding their medicine might reject it entirely or eat some of it but not all. This makes it hard to know if how much medicine they've had, if any at all. If you try and give them another pill it could be too much and could make them sick
  • If your pet has been prescribed custom medication, CompoundLabs can make medicating your pets as easy as possible

CompoundLabs can provide your vet with customised and effective medication for your important animal family members including:

  • Cats and Dogs
  • Horses and other large animals
  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small animals
  • Birds and Reptiles and aquarium animals

Why Your Veterinarian Might Prescribe A Compounded Medication:

Pets often need medicines at different strengths or perhaps your pet needs a different way to administer the medication - e.g. a cream or gel instead of a capsule.

Adding flavour that your pet likes can help when a pet is refusing their medication. Flavours such as chicken, bacon, tuna, banana, apple or veal can make the medication more palatable.

Flavoured Medication

Often changing the flavour of the medication can help when your pet is refusing their medication. CompoundLabs pharmacists can add flavours such as beef, chicken, tuna or liver to medications. This improves their taste, making it easier for you to give them to your pets.

Not all flavours are appropriate in every formulation. Our team can advise the prescribing veterinarian of a flavour that may be more appropriate for the required medication.

Most palatable flavours by species list:

  • Canines: Chicken, Bacon
  • Felines: Chicken, Bacon
  • Birds: Apple, Banana
  • Ferrets: Bacon, Chicken
  • Horses: Apple, Banana
  • Rabbits: Banana, Apple

Transdermal Medication

Not all pet medicines need to be in a capsule or tablet form. Creams and pastes can be a viable option to apply the medication your pet needs.

Transdermal preparations are applied directly onto the animal's skin and can be prepared for an array of medications. They can be provided in a multi-dose syringe or a metered dose syringe pen.

Medications No Longer Available

Veterinary medicine manufacturers frequently discontinue the production of medications due to low demand. At other times these medications may be temporarily out of stock.

CompoundLabs can often fill the gap when it comes to discontinued or out of stock medications. Your vet can discuss this option with you.

Pet Insurance To Support

Pet Insurance can help fund our medications. We've found a third party article that gives an overview on pet insurance.

Pet Insurance Article

Placing a Prescription With Us

From sending us your prescriptions to receiving your medication, the process below shows you what to expect and the timeline.

Have a Prescription?
If you have a prescription that you need us to fulfil, typically you get your veterinarian to send it to us directly. Or, if you want to send it to us directly, you can physically mail us your prescription to P.O. Box 101-142, North Shore Mail Centre 0745, Auckland, New Zealand. Alternatively, your veterinarian can email it to us or send it through the e-script option they will be familiar with.

We'll assess your prescription
Your prescription will be assessed by a pharmacist. Then, someone from our team will call you to discuss the prescription contents, delivery address, payment and expected timeframe. Your order is then compounded, dispensed and dispatched. An email is then sent to you with a link to track your order.

Prescriptions can be paid for by credit card or internet banking. Please DO NOT post cash. When we contact you after receiving your prescription we will organise payment with you.

Receiving Your Medication
Upon receipt of your original prescription and payment (time of order confirmation), your medication will be sent by courier to you in 3-5 business days for any stock items. For special order items we typically take 7-10 business for most urban/business addresses. Please note these are our normal timeframes, however in some circumstances this can take longer. Where possible we will notify you if we expect this to take longer.


Compounding is the process of using special techniques to mix or alter ingredients to make customised medicines for people or animals.


This process is undertaken by qualified pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.


The benefits of compounded medicine include:

  • Changing the form of a medicine (for example from capsule to liquid) to make it easier to swallow/administer
  • Customising the strength of medicine to one that is not readily available
  • Removing an ingredient that someone may be allergic to
  • Customising flavours and sweeteners to suit personal preference
  • To continue supply of a medicine if something is unavailable long term

Quality Is Key For CompoundLabs

We pride ourselves in always delivering optimal, personalised healthcare by providing high quality medications and advice.

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