A Pharmacy With A Difference

A Pharmacy With A Difference

At CompoundLabs we aren’t your normal pharmacy. We don’t look like one, and we don’t operate like one. Instead we’re a Compounding Pharmacy that’s dedicated to making personalized pharmaceuticals and medications to help with your health problems, whatever they may be. You can read about what compounding is here and what that means exactly.

What we strive to do is not be like an ordinary pharmacy. An ordinary pharmacy is a great place to collect your basic health needs and get off the shelf products that are useful. We aim to take that concept a little bit further. We understand that everyone’s health needs are actually quite different at the margins. When your regular pharmaceutical product isn’t helping, or maybe isn’t helping in the way you would have liked, that’s where we come in. We can compound (which is the pharmacy word for produce/make) a personalized pharmaceutical product for you. In most cases you will still need a prescription from your doctor, but we are more than happy to speak to them and you about what solutions could be available.

As you can imagine this can open a whole new world of possibilities for healthcare. We can make specific doses of products that aren’t readily available in a normal pharmacy. We can also add relevant ingredients or take things out that a patient might not need or has an allergy too. There are other instances where there may be a drug that is difficult to get from a normal pharmacy in New Zealand – for example it needs to be imported and this could take time – in these cases there might be a chance we can make it for you. The key thing is that we can help really personalize and tailor a solution for you. More to the point, as an independent pharmacy, we aren’t interested, for example, in selling high margin vitamin products over the counter to make our money. Instead, our bread and butter is the compounding of personalized pharmaceutical products and medicines for the individual and we want these to work for a patient.

With the above said, it’s important to note we work very closely with medical practitioners to make sure we make products that are in line with what will actually help a patient. In fact, on some occasions we even say no to a doctor who might be asking us to do something, where, based on our specific knowledge of compounding and personalization in the pharmacy world, we know it wouldn’t be a good idea for a patient to use.

Unlike other pharmacies we’re also always looking to bring new technologies to New Zealand across both the compounding space, and other more novel areas where we think there is an opportunity for Kiwi’s to benefit.

If you’d like to learn more about what some of those things are and of course more about what we can do to help you with your health issues, please contact us here we’d love to go through with you some of the unique pharmacy options we can support you with and what next steps are.
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