Caring About People

CompoundLabs has been around for 25 years as a proud NZ owned and operated business. All of us at CompoundLabs are in the business of helping people first and foremost. We're a team of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and others with a range of backgrounds in healthcare.

Roshika Ebenezer - Charge Pharmacist

Roshika is our Operations Manager. She is a pharmacist with retail and compounding pharmacy experience. Roshika is in charge of making sure everything gets done!


Komal Kirti

Komal has extensive community and hospital pharmacy experience and has been with CompoundLabs since 2014. As the Compounding Manager, Komal has oversight of our compounding facility, ensuring both the product safety and quality are met. She is responsible for process improvement and refinement and ensuring that the compounding team is trained appropriately for the processes that they are involved in. Komal also leads our Vets and Clinical Trials work.

Jeff Spearman

Jeff is one of our Directors and has had an extensive career in community pharmacy. During his career he has managed 3 pharmacies concurrently. He brings great experience and skills to all aspects of CompoundLabs.

Graeme Hogan

Graeme is our General Manager who brings a wealth of business expertise to CompoundLabs. Graeme guides our growth and business operations.

Our 5 Value Pillars - PEELQ

CompoundLabs operates with 5 key values. These mean a lot to us and hopefully you can see these values reflected in our dealings with you. These values are:


  • We are a company that personalises the entire journey. Personalisation, from the medicine to the experience to the interaction


  • We want to make your healthcare journey easy. We'll take your hand and lead you to the place you need to be


  • Interacting with us is more than a prescription. We understand your pain, we get your frustration and look to help care for your needs in ways that go beyond a transaction


  • We go beyond just the drug, we want to help in all stages of your health journey. We want you to feel healthy in all aspects of your life


  • We don't settle for second best. The journey with us is the highest quality. From the way we produce our drugs to how we send it to you. It represents quality and makes you feel good