Feeling Tired?

Or just not quite in sync? It might be your hormones telling you something. Learn more below

Diagnostic Testing Might Help

We can undertake a private and simple functional diagnostic test. These results can be interpreted by your healthcare practitioner who can recommend next steps. There is a large selection of tests available covering a range of health conditions so please contact us to find out more. In the meantime you can download our price list here:

Diagnostic Testing Price List

Why Do A Test?

These tests look specifically at hormonal imbalances, gut health, inflammatory markers and more which may help your practitioner accurately diagnose the root cause of your problems


We offer a wide range of tests your patients can benefit from. We hope these tests support you to best help your patients. Please contact us so we can explain exactly how we can help. For tests we provide the following support:

Customer Service Support

Production of follow up medicine

Pharmacist Support

Licensed Testing Lab in Australia