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BraveFace HeadRest Drops

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Caret Down

HeadRest night drops concentrate, is a supplement designed to support you falling and staying asleep on restless nights. 

If you lie in bed tossing and turning and need support to calm your mind and body, HeadRest night drops will become your bedside essential.

Formulated with calming Passionflower and sleep-inducing Chamomile, HeadRest offers the sleep support you deserve, encouraging deep relaxation and a high-quality night’s rest. 

Extracted in high potency, therapeutic doses, our herbal ingredients are backed by science and clinically studied to get results. 

We worked hard to create a palatable flavor without compromising on the potency. HeadRest tastes like it works, so be prepared for a high concentrated formula - we promise it's worth it! 

If stress or worry are keeping you up at night, reach for HeadRest natural night drops - because when you’re well-rested, you’re unstoppable.