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Caret Down

CurraNZ is a breakthrough supplement which offers a unique combination of health and fitness benefits.

It’s 100% natural, made solely from New Zealand blackcurrants, King of the Superfoods. So-called because they’re packed with anthocyanins, naturally occurring plant compounds that gives the fruit its deep purple colouring, as well as providing multiple health, sports recovery and cognitive benefits.

New Zealand blackcurrants have one of the highest recorded anthocyanin values of all fruit on the planet. To make 1kg of our extract requires the equivalent of 150kgs of fresh fruit, making CurraNZ a highly potent supplement, one of the highest on the market. With 2500 New Zealand blackcurrants per carton of 30 capsules, CurraNZ represents outstanding value for money.

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General health use: 1 capsule daily

Exercise use: 75kg - 1 capsule

Exercise use: 75kg+ - 2 capsules

Take two hours before undertaking exercise. A loading period of a week, using one capsule daily, will deliver the full array of blackcurrant benefits for fitness. For highly demanding training, redose again within 20 minutes of exercising. Keep in a cool, dry place.



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