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Men's Formula (60 caps)

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Caret Down

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Men’s Formula

Is a combination of nutrients and herbal extracts designed to support and balance hormone levels in men. When taken regularly, CompoundLabs' Men’s Formula can provide support for:

    • Healthy male reproductive health and healthy testosterone levels
    • A healthy prostate gland
    • Normal urinary function

What is Men’s Formula

Containing 4 key ingredients (Chrysin 130mg, DIM 130mg, Saw Palmetto 130mg, Nettle Root 100mg) each with a specific purpose, including to provide support for normal hormone balance in men, support for prostate gland function, normal urinary function and support healthy testosterone levels.

Why use Men’s Formula

Men’s health is often an unspoken subject among our male population. The ‘she’ll be right’ male mantra is not a good thing. As men age, various areas of day to day life can change, therefore supplementation may be supportive.

Men’s Formula can be purchased across the counter at selected pharmacies, practitioners and online at

Directions for Use

It can be taken alongside most supplements with no known interactions or side effects. However, we suggest that if you are taking prescription medications, you should consult a healthcare professional before use.


Each capsule


Caret Down
Men's Formula (60 caps)
Men's Formula (60 caps)


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